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Assignment writing: how to do this correctly


Assignment writing: how to do this correctly

Preparation for the assignment writing:

  • You need to prepare and use all the reading material and lecture notes, because all the assignments are usually given on their basis. Research the assignment thoroughly, in order to distinguish the material you may need for this assignment.
  • While making notes for the assignment, make sure to understand the author`s words on your own, as if you are trying to paraphrase him. It will help you to understand the assignment in your own unique way and to make the assignment more individual.
  • Try to point out the main points needed for the assignment from different sources. It will help you to collect the appropriate amount of information and formulate your own point of view as for this or that issue.
  • While making notes, try to keep the assignment in mind, in order to catch only relevant information and dismiss inappropriate one.
  • Do not forget to note the page numbers if you are going to take quotes from some sources. It will make the process of referencing much easier and you will not have to look for the number of pages again and again.

Assignment writing:

  • Make sure that you understood the assignment properly. In  most cases you will have to describe specific issues, not just describe certain field of study. So, carefully read the assignment once again and make sure that you understood it.
  • When writing about a certain issue, make sure that you buttress it up by real facts. Especially, when making certain conclusions, you should choose the words carefully and put the right references.
  • When writing introduction or conclusion, you should always remember that your opinion should be based on the sources you were using, not on your own thoughts only.
  • Make sure that you know the meaning of all the terms and concepts you are using in the paper. When writing, try to avoid too heavy terms, in order for an ordinary reader would be able to understand your message.
  • Do not overuse the direct quotations. Of course, they perfectly show that you have read the source you are citing, but too many quotations can make your paper difficult to read. In case if you can describe the quotation in your own words or paraphrase it, it would be better to do so.
  • Mind the structure of the written piece of paper. Keep up to the structure introduction-body-conclusion. In this way the paper will look organized and well-structured.
  • In case if you need help in writing- do not be afraid! Just make sure that you have enough time before the deadline.

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