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Letter writing service: how to compose good formal letter


Letter writing service: how to compose good formal letter

Being able to write letters is a very important skill, which you will need at school, college, business and your everyday life. Of course, you may think that emails can substitute anything nowadays, but it is not like that. For example, just imagine that you have bought spoiled milk in the shop. This situation is very unpleasant for you and you will need to write the complaint to the administrator of the shop. Consequently, you should know how to do it. Even if you are typing the letter on your pc, not handwriting, you should stick to a certain format, in order for your letter to look like a formal one.

Here are some tips that will help you to write good formal letter:

  1. You should choose correct format first. For this, you must know the topic of the letter and the person whom you are going to address. Formal letters may be of various types, and if you are not sure which format to choose, you should check the samples in the internet. It will help you to pick up the right format.
  2. The letter should be rather short and all the details are written to the point. Avoid writing big letters, as they may appear difficult for reading and comprehension. Also, the reader may lose the main details that you wanted to convey.
  3. Do not forget to check the grammar. The letter should be free from any grammatical or lexical mistakes, misprints and other errors. It should look professional and neat. Mistakes may spoil the outlook of the letter and you may be taken not that seriously as you wanted.
  4. Be polite, even if you are writing a complaint. Mind the business language, even if you are extremely dissatisfied with something.
  5. The letter should be relevant. Do not invent something if it is not true to life, otherwise your issue may not be taken seriously as well.

It is very important to read the letter aloud after you have written it. It will help you to fix the mistakes if there are any and to see whether the structure of the letter is correct.

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