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Tips on professional letter writing


Tips on professional letter writing

Formal letter writing is a special sphere of writing which requires a number of professional skills that will help to create a really good formal letter. I am pretty sure that most of you faced problems with formal letter writing and are longing for help or useful advice. We are here to help you to disclose the most widespread tips that will be useful in formal letter writing.

  1. The format of your letter should be correct. Even if it is short, you should use Times New Roman or Arial font and the size about 10-12 pt. In case of usage of bigger font, the letter may look unprofessional.
  2. Nowadays, handwriting in business letters in not acceptable. Printed copy is the only one that is appropriate in business writing.
  3. Writing any type of formal letter, you should keep in mind the audience you are addressing to. The information should be expressed logically and shortly, for the reader to be able to point out the main issues.
  4. Having written formal letter, you should check the spelling of the words in order to avoid any difficulties. The golden rule of formal writing is: “to edit and proofread papers properly”.
  5. Read the letter aloud and only after that you can send it. This will help to distinguish the misprints, if there are any.

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